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Four Points for Winchester

Positions for Ward 1

I want to hear from our residents! 

I will work to increase transparency at City Hall. I will commit to holding Quarterly Town Hall meetings to hear from Ward 1.

1: Fight for low taxes, limit regulation on business while improving infrastructure so that small business can thrive, and we attract new exciting businesses that provide more jobs and better lifestyle opportunities for all of Winchester

2:  Support our Police and Fire Rescue Departments so that we can retain our first responders, improve their training and equipment, while providing fair and safe services all while protecting our Second Amendment rights.

3: Work with the School Board schools and businesses to find creative ways to better prepare our gradates for jobs of the future with or without college depending on their needs and skills. Push the schools in the areas of STEM and Skills Training programs.

4. Look at areas of the city that allow us to redevelop and repurpose underutilized properties that with creative ideas will bring in business and developers to improve our housing shortage and provide local job opportunities for our residents.

Outdoor Bar?

City Council’s Planning and Economic Development Committee met on 25 March 2021 to discuss what the Winchester Star describes as turning the Old Town walking mall into an open air bar.  Mayor Smith, who should recuse himself since he owns two restaurants that would benefit from this project, compared it to previous events such as the Hop Blossom Craft Beer Festival. The problem with the comparison is that those festivals, which I have attended, are limited to a long weekend and attendees must show proof of age and are restricted to a specific gated area. While I am not entirely opposed to some flexibility in alcohol consumption rules, we must ensure a few things.

First that the family atmosphere of the downtown mall is not eroded. We don't want to have to tell our minor children they should go downtown because too many people are wandering around drinking/drunk. We don't want to negatively affect all of the business that don't benefit from alcohol sales by discouraging some from going downtown at all

Second, we don't want to distract Winchester Police from their more important duties of preventing serious crimes by giving them drunk patrol duties.

Third, I would want near total buy in from business in the special event license area that do not sell alcohol. These business would get near zero benefit but all of the negatives that may come with this change.

I will be doing a walk and talk tour asking the downtown merchants what they think.

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